Hey guys! It’s another review from a book written by Eme Strife!! Enjoy 🙂

I really enjoyed reading this first book in a series. On my own grading system I’d score this 8.5 out of 10. Here’s a break down of what I enjoyed and did not enjoy in this book. You can read further into what I mean by each point, but as a warning there might be slight spoilerage in there!!

What I thought was amazing: Plot. Pacing. Character Development. What I thought was not so great: Some dialogue. Some excessive details about the scenery.

-The plot. A dream world turned into teleportation to another dimension? or parallel universe? or even possibly another part of the regular world is pretty damn awesome! While I have seen this before in a couple YA series, I can say that I have not yet read a romance or rather erotic romance that has this plot device. And I found it refreshing. It could be done cheesily, as in her dreams are giving her her deepest desires. But it wasn’t. We are suddenly transported to a world and are just as confused as Eli. Through her eyes we learn a little bit about the place she has been teleported to, and in the end of this book we are not quite sure if that world exists or as the alarm clock is trying to suggest. It’s all a dream. A bizarre and sexy dream 🙂

-Pacing. The pacing of this book is steady. Not rushed. Not too slow. Like goldilocks and the three bears. It’s just right.

-Character development. Eli is a pretty good narrator. Her tone makes sense for what she’s experiencing, and the use of self-deprecating humor works well here. Matthiel’s viewpoint adds to the story. I don’t know how many times I’ve read a story only to be completely bored by another character taking a turn narrating. Or confused. Even frustrated, because their character fucking sucks as a narrator and they should remain a secondary character. But not here! His narration brings us new information, and while some of the dialogue overlaps Strife does well in making sure that we aren’t bored reading the same scene from his viewpoint. We get his insights into why he is saying the things he does. And I love it!

Now onto the things I was not a fan of.

-Dialogue. Most of the dialogue between the two main characters is fine. The inner dialogue is good. But sometimes there’s a strange sentence here and there while they’re bickering that makes the two characters seem as if they’re 12 year olds just realizing they have sexual feelings for another person. I suppose it’s in the back and forth of: yes you are, no i’m not. And the: well i won’t tell you my name until you tell me yours fights that take me out of the story a little bit. But overall it’s not jarring enough to ruin the experience.

-Description. Sometimes the descriptions of the surroundings can be a bit boring. I like knowing where I am and being able to picture it in my head, but sometimes I’m getting a feeling of Tolkien describing trees for 5 pages when the description gets a tad too long. But this is possibly just my own personal preference, and perhaps you reader will enjoy the longer bouts of description in the book.

Now for the most important part of the erotic romance book: The heat of this book was there! Mostly it was in Matthiel’s narration. When he thought about Eli and what he wanted to do to her, damnnnnnn was that fucking hot! I recommend rereading that scene over and over 🙂

Overall this was a great read. I’m excited to turn the first page for the next book and see what Eli is thinking about her crazy dream. This is one series you don’t want to miss ❤