Hey guys! Today I’m unboxing some candles I received!! Fictional Flames and I worked on Hardison and Parker candles!! And then I bought a Cas one, because come on. How can I not get Cas?

The Cas candle: Musky amber, hint of cinnamon, and enochian humor. Smells clean with a bit of spice. Really good!! The quote reads: “I am the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.” He’s talking to Dean in this scene. I love their bro-mance ❤

The Hardison candle: McIntosh Apple, Bamboo, and Leather. McIntosh apple due to computers. Bamboo because it’s a clean scent, and leather because he has crafted some rare pieces for Nate’s cons over the years. The quote reads: “Age of the geek baby. We run the world.” Hardison can be heard saying this in many a episode, especially to Elliot. It is theorized that the members of the Leverage team have qualities of the deadly sins in them. I chose purple glitter for Hardison’s because at times he can be quite prideful over his computer skills, but also in his belief that he can do everyone’s job on the team no problem. His pride is tested during an episode where Nate lets him do the con on his own and things fall apart.

The Parker candle: Cotton, Chocolate, and Jasmine. She’s a fan of chocolate and money (money is made of cotton). “Also she smells fairly nice. The quote reads: Non-sequential serial numbers. My favorite! *sniffs money.*” This is from a Christmas episode when Nate gifts Parker money. Parker’s glitter is shiny like diamonds. She’s a big fan of diamonds as well as money and thieving. Her candle color is yellow to symbolize her greed over monetary possessions.


I’m thinking next time I’ll ask if we can make a Sam & Dean candle. Dean would definitely smell like Apple pie. Sam would smell like moose? haha.


Now onto Fictional Flames. I got the chance to scoop up the last 9oz kind of messed up candles from the shop! And by sheer luck I got the one I wanted! Sherlock’s Study!!!!

It smells of Leather, with hints of Pipe Tobacco, and small notes of Watson’s tea. Now you might be thinking a leather candle? Eww…. But actually strangely enough it doesn’t smell too leathery. Enough to remind you of old books, but not crazy cringe worthy notes of leather is to be found in this candle. I had it burning for a couple hours and I found it awesome!