Hey Guys! Today I have an audiobook review of Play Right By Me by Patrice Wilton and narrated by Rita Page. This is the third in the Paradise Cove series!

The story was pretty good. This is probably my favorite of the three that I’ve listened to. I feel that Wilton’s writing has grown since the first novel that I listened to. I really enjoyed Brittany and the love she shared with Chase in this story. I’d give it a 4/5 for the story!

As for the voice, we get a new voice actor in this novel. I’m actually not disappointed. I found I liked Page’s voice much better and that she seems to do better with each character overall. Although for continuity purposes it might have been better to keep the original actress. I’d give the performance a 4/5.

Overall a solid book and great third addition to the series. 4/5!