Hey Guys! Today I’m reviewing the audiobook Paradise Cove the first in the Paradise Series by Patrice Wilton and narrated by Cynthia Vail.

First on the narration. I thought it was a little weird. The narrator didn’t have much emotion at times and she also sounded the same for each sister. I honestly couldn’t figure out who was talking for a good portion of those scenes where there were more than one of the siblings in a room together. Then there was the issue of Sean. He did not sound like he had an Australian accent at all. It went all over the place. Sometimes it sounded Irish, Welsh, British, and very briefly Australian. The characters also ended up sounding way younger than they actually were. Such as the main character sounding in her twenties when she’s in her thirties and the youngest sister sounding like she is 16, when she’s in her twenties. Overall I’d rate this a 3/5.

The plot itself was interesting, although slightly all over the place. The whole immigration thing seemed to come really out of nowhere. It did somewhat add more intrigue to the story, but overall I felt it was a little out of the place for the rest of the book that I didn’t really enjoy this plot line. I also questioned a lot of the motives of the family for coming together and even owning this place in the first place. I did get some questions answered as I listened on, but I think I would have preferred knowing more things at the beginning to make me more invested in the whole story from the get go. I’d give the story a 3.5/5 stars.

Overall I’d give this book a 3.5/5 stars. It definitely wasn’t my favorite listen to and there were some things I felt could have been addressed better. But the story did come together in the end, which helped.