Hey Guys! Today I’m reviewing the audiobook My Father’s Kingdom by James. W George and narrated by Angus Freathy.

So first this isn’t one of the typical things I listen to on audible. It’s an account of history, America’s early history to be precise. For fans of history and all things historical. Plus people that just have a natural curiosity when it comes to reading new material and learning more about the past. I thought the book itself was really educational but also not boring, which can be the case in a lot of historical books. I’d give it a 4.5/5 stars.

As for the narration Freathy did an excellent job! He has a british accent, but it is a little more subtle than most narrators with that accent on audible. I could imagine that early colonists would probably sound similar to him. As they would still have the accent of where they came from, but mixing with other people would bring it to a lesser extent. He really made the audiobook come alive in my opinion and I’m grateful for him as a narrator to help spice up the historical content. Definitely a fun listen through. I’d give the performance a 5/5 stars.

All around I really loved this and would give the book 4.75/5 stars!!!