Hey Guys! Today I’m reviewing the audiobook Misled by Kathryn Kelly and narrated by Samuel Valor.

For the plot of this story it was really interesting! I should warn you though that there is child abuse, self-mutilation, and curse words. If you are offended by any, don’t listen. The child abuse is pretty graphic, same with the self-mutilation. I was confused at the beginning though, as Maggie was 13 then it said: one month later and she’s now almost 18. I can’t really figure out where the time jump went at all. Beyond that the story is really epic. There is a lot of sadness in this story. It was hard to listen to at times, but I’m glad I got to the end. There’s definitely an HEA. The characters have complex backstories that had me easily connect to them. The plot gets a 4/5.

As for the narration I wasn’t a super big fan of it. I’m not sure if this narrator was the right choice for some of the book. He was a bit monotone, which was odd in the child abuse/sex abuse scenes. He also seemed to try to have a gravelly voice at first, then switch into a younger voice, and then go back to the gravelly. I much preferred the gravelly to the younger voice. The younger voice reminded me of a teenage guy, and I don’t want a teenager reading me a sexy story lol. Especially for Maggie the voice was weird, because she honestly sounded like she was 13 the whole time…. It was too high pitched and cry baby for her voice. I get she’s scared and not trusting, but idk it just really made me feel like she was a child, and possibly this is where I got confused earlier in the book and thought she was 13 and not 17. I’d give it a 3/5. It was steady and there are good parts, but there are just a few issues with it so I can’t really give the audio a higher mark.

Overall I really enjoyed the story. I think I may reread the story just book version minus the audio to see if I missed anything, especially at the beginning when I got confused as to how old Maggie was. I definitely will read more of this series in the future! I really liked Kelly’s writing 🙂