Hey Guys! Today I’m reviewing the audiobook Her Ruthless Russian by Leslie North and narrated by D.C. Cole.

The narration was really wonderful! I’ve had a hard struggle finding a guy’s voice for romance audiobooks I’ve listened to that really fit. Cole is able to voice every character both male & female without difficulty. His tone is even and sensual in places where it needs to be, and full of emotion in those areas as well. He deserves a 5/5!

As for the story I found it to be a unique listen. I enjoyed the characters and the plot a lot. There is a good amount of drama and suspense in the story. This is my first North book, and I’m excited to report that I’ll definitely be checking out more of her work in the future! I’d rate the story a 5/5.

Overall I’d give this listening a 5/5 experience!