Hey Guys! It’s OwlCrate Junior December! The theme for this month is Abracadabra.

Item #1: Master Magician Merit Badge: An iron on that looks pretty fun. I’ll probably give to my little sister.

Item #2: 52 Cool Tricks for Kids: A card game package of magic tricks for kids!

Item #3: Rabbit Puppet: It is a rabbit in a hat that just pops out! It’s super cute and I do think I’ll give this to my sister as well. If not my kitty loves stuffed animals 🙂

Item #4: Magnetic Bookmarks: They are always useful and these are super cute!

Items #5-7: The Magic Misfits by Neil Patrick Harris, exclusive letter, and magic wand pencil. Carter runs away from his mean uncle who has been having them wander around the U.S. from shelter to shelter. He ends up in a New England town after hopping a train where a circus has set up shop. The circus run by B.B. Bosso is not what it seems! So Carter teams up with a group of kids who love magic as well to stop Bosso from stealing a diamond and the town’s money. I finished this and loved it! It’s obviously for the younger end of middle grade readers, but it’s very fun 🙂