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A Reflection of Evil

Author: William Todd Narrator: Ben Werling Length: 2 hours 4 minutes Publisher: William Robert Todd Released: Jan. 5, 2018 Genre: Classic Detective After months of inactivity, Holmes and Watson have two cases thrust in their lap in a single day.... Continue Reading →

Literary Vacation Club: May

Hey Guys! I have Literary Vacation Club here with this month's theme of Pushing Daisies! It also happens to be their 1 year anniversary!! Item #1: To See- Special Edition Notebook/WoodPencil. The artwork is designed after the main characters of... Continue Reading →

UpperCase: February

Hey Guys! It's UpperCase February box!!! Item #1: Valentine Card from EpicReads. It reads I'd share my books with you. It's pretty funny. Idk if I'd share my books with anyone. You'd have to be super special. Item #2: I... Continue Reading →

Fictional Flames & Biblioflames Candles

  Hey guys! Today I'm unboxing some candles I received!! Fictional Flames and I worked on Hardison and Parker candles!! And then I bought a Cas one, because come on. How can I not get Cas? The Cas candle: Musky... Continue Reading →

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