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All Lies: The Lies #1

Author: Andrew Cunningham Narrator: Greg Hernandez Length: 7 hours 20 minutes Series: Lies, Book 1 Released: Dec. 22, 2017 Publisher: Andrew Cunningham Genre: Mystery, Modern Detective "I come from a long line of idiots." Those were the last words his... Continue Reading →

Realm of Knights: Knights of the Realm #1

Author: Jennifer Anne Davis Narrator: Kim Bretton Series: Knights of the Realm, Book 1 Length: 7 hours 58 minutes Publisher: Reign Publishing Released: Oct. 11, 2019 Genre: Fantasy Reid has spent her whole life pretending to be a man so... Continue Reading →

Gabby: Safe Haven Wolves #1

Author: Sherry Foster Narrator: Jacq Ainsworth Series: Safe Haven Wolves, Book 1 Length: 5 hours 42 minutes Publisher: DAS Publishing Released: Sep. 11, 2019 Genre: Paranormal Romance She’s on the run. She’s being hunted. If only she knew why. Trey’s... Continue Reading →

The Nine: The Judas Files #1

Author: C.G. Harris Narrator: MacLeod Andrews Series: The Judas Files, Book 1 Length: 6 hours 53 minutes Publisher: Hot Chocolate Press Released: Oct. 15, 2019 Genre: Urban Fantasy In the Inferno, Dante almost got it right... Nine circles of hell,... Continue Reading →

After the Fall

Author: Brad Graber Narrator: Kebba Button Length: 8 hours 14 minutes Publisher: Dark Victory Press Released: Aug. 21, 2019 Genre: Young Adult Fiction; LGBTQ   Rikki, a teenager being raised by her grandmother in Queens, has a secret. She can't... Continue Reading →

Marketville Mysteries #2

Author: Judy Penz Sheluk Narrator: Kelli Lindsay Series: Marketville Mysteries, Book 2 Publisher: Judy Penz Sheluk Released: Apr. 8, 2019 Genre: Mystery Synopsis Sometimes the past reaches out to the present. It’s been 13 months since Calamity (Callie) Barnstable inherited... Continue Reading →

Cradle to Grave: Detective Kay Hunter #8

Author: Rachel Amphlett Narrator: Alison Campbell Length: 7 hours 56 minutes Series: Detective Kay Hunter, Book 8 Publisher: Saxon Publishing Genre: Mystery, Police Procedural Released: Oct. 15, 2019 When a faceless body is found floating in the river on a... Continue Reading →

Skeletons in the Attic: Marketville Mysteries #1

Author: Judy Penz Sheluk Narrator: Claira Jordyn Series: Marketville Mysteries, Book 1 Publisher: Judy Penz Sheluk Released: Jul. 31, 2017 Genre: Mystery What goes on behind closed doors doesn't always stay there. Calamity (Callie) Barnstable isn't surprised to learn she's... Continue Reading →

Jesse’s Girl

Author: Tara September Narrator: Verla Bond Length: 3 hours and 37 minutes Publisher: Plus it Up Released: Sep. 6, 2019 Genre: Contemporary Romance Successful Texas lawyer, Reade Walker, curses that damn song every time it plays, all too aware of... Continue Reading →

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