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The Judge’s Demon

Author: K.M. Pfeifer Narrator: Gerard Marquez Length: 8 hours and 8 minutes Series: The Demons Inside, Book 1 Publisher: K.M. Pfeifer Released: Jul. 9, 2019 Genre: Historical Thriller The Hunchback of Notre Dame meets The Handmaid’s Tale and YOU in... Continue Reading →

The Tree That Grew Through Iron

Author: McKenzie Austin Narrator: Gerard Marquez Length: 15 hours and 30 minutes Series: The Panagea Tales, Book 1 Publisher: McKenzie Austin Released: Aug. 6, 2019 Genre: Epic Fantasy The world's end was his beginning. Whole chunks of earth are withering... Continue Reading →

Beneath the Surface: Outside Project #1

Author: Rebecca Langham Narrator: Kate Roth Length: 10 hours and 35 minutes Series: Outsider Project #1 Publisher: NineStar Press, LLC Released: Mar. 18, 2019 Genre: Science Fiction When a change in collective conscious sends the Outsiders, a group of aliens,... Continue Reading →

The Princess Pose: Modern Royals #2

Author: Aven Ellis Narrator: Andrea Emmes Length: 21 hours and 8 minute Series: Modern Royals, Book 2 Publisher: Tantor Audio Released: July 24, 2019 Genre: Romantic Comedy A modern princess. A charming commoner. Can they hurdle tradition to find true... Continue Reading →

Dreamscape Adventures Inc.

Author: C.A. Gray Narrator: Matthew E. Berry Length: 6 hours and 16 minutes Publisher: Wanderlust Publishing Released: July 17, 2019 Genre: Fantasy, Magical Realism Workaholic insurance attorney Luke Darringer has it all: money, looks, ambition. Sure, he hasn't taken a... Continue Reading →

Elements: The Biodome Chronicles #2

Author: Jesikah Sundin Narrator: Sunil Patel Length: 21 hours 8 minutes Series: The Biodome Chronicles, Book 2 Publisher: Forest Tales Publishing Released: July 2, 2019 Genre: Science Fiction "Feelings are real. They often become one's reality. But they are not... Continue Reading →

Against The Tide: Inspector Drake Mysteries #3

Author: Stephen Puleston Narrator: Richard Elfyn Length: 10 hours 1 minute Series: Inspector Drake Mysteries, Book 3 Publisher: Stephen Puleston Released: May 29, 2019 Genre: Modern Detective A small village is shocked when a fisherman is impaled by his own... Continue Reading →

A Royal Shade of Blue

Author: Aven Ellis Narrator: Andrea Emmes Length: 10 hours and 1 minute Series: Modern Royals, Book 1 Publisher: Tantor Audio Released: Aug. 14, 2018 Genre: Romantic Comedy When art-history student Clementine Jones receives a message complimenting her latest internship project,... Continue Reading →

Legacy: Biodome Chronicles #1

Author: Jesikah Sundin Narrator: Sunil Patel Length: 12 hours 30 minutes Publisher: Forest Tales Publishing Released: Dec. 11, 2017 Genre: Science Fiction She's from the past, locked inside a world within a world. He's from the future, haunted by her... Continue Reading →

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