Hey guys! I’m reviewing an audiobook by Elizabeth Meyette and narrated by Amy McFadden.

For me I really enjoyed listening to the second book in this series. Meyette does such a good job of creating a world that is creepy, but also fun as well! I just love the characters and the mess the heroine seems to find herself in with these stories. I’m a big fan of mysteries so when I find a good series I just want to devour them all. This is one of those for me.

Amy does a great job with these voices. I think she has a nice soothing tone to her voice that really lets me imagine what is going on. I also like the range she does with each character. It’s easy to tell who is who, and I’m always interested by new voices that are added.

Overall this is a great book to listen to and I highly recommend listening to the first of you get he chance. It’s not necessary to understand this book, but there are some character details that make more sense if you’ve read the first book first haha

5/5 Stars!