Hey Guys! It’s FairyLoot June! This month’s theme is Elementalists.

Item #1: There were 5 different types of Stormheart Candles by Witchwood Remedies. Mine smells really interesting.

Item #2: Bending Lipbalms by Geeky Clean. I received Fire bending!! Yay.

Item #3: Hamsa Hand Bracelent by In the Moment. A cool looking bracelet.

Item #4: Clairvoyance Soap by Ascent Bath and Body. It smells wonderful!!

Item #5: Potion Sticky notes. Super cute. Purple is for health, blue for power, and yellow for stamina.

Item #6: Portable Magic Pillowcase by Miss Phi. Got a pillow for it finally!

Item #7: Roar by Cora Carmack. Rated 4.06 out of 5 stars on GoodReads.  Aurora comes from a family of magic users that protect the non magic people. She doesn’t have magic, so her mom has an arranged marriage set up with a stormling prince from another kingdom. She finds him in a black market one day where people are selling magic. She also finds out that if you challenge a tempest you can get magic. So she sets out to do so to stop her arranged marriage. Sounds interesting, and another confusing one. But I think I’ll like it.