Hey Guys! It’s OwlCrate Junior 🙂 Lots of cute things that kids and adults will enjoy!

Item #1: Building set from Plus-Plus. Not sure what you can make, but I’m certain if you’re good at imagination you’ll come up with something.

Item #2: Gizmos & Gears inspired stickers. They were cute 🙂

Item #3: Hexbug Nano. Let’s see how this thing works once we set it up!

Item #4: Brain Fart Pen & Eraser Set. Like these funky shapes! Super useful for writing and erasing on tests in the future.

Items #5-8: York: The Shadow Cipher by Laura Ruby, letter, and autograph from the author. Plus a secret code door hanger! Rated 4.18 out of 5 stars on GoodReads. In 1978 twins build some skyscrapers, trains, and apartment buildings in New York. No one knows the meaning behind it, but there is rumor of a cipher. Tess, Theo, and Jamie are all running the clock on figuring it out after they learn their apartment building has been sold for demolition. Sounds super interesting and like a good puzzle book. Reminds me of the architecture series when I was a kid.