Hey Guys! Today I’m reviewing the audiobook Deceptive Cadence by Kathryn Guare and narrated by Wayne Farrell.

First for the narration! Farrell is amazing 🙂 The Irish accent is just to die for! So many people can’t do a decent Irish accent, so I was very pleasantly surprised with his audio. He does other accents well too. The flow was smooth and he had good inflection in his voice when needed. Overall I thought the audio really added to the book and made it feel more alive. 5/5.

As for the story itself I was slightly confused in the beginning. I had so many questions. Who is Connor’s brother, where is he, what did he do to the family to make Connor hate him besides taking money? Why does MI6 want his brother/think Connor can locate him? Who exactly is Connor? Throughout the story I had more and more questions as they were answered. I anticipated the next scene hoping to gather more answers to these burning questions, and felt a sense of suspense while listening. In the end I got a good summary of how things turned out and I felt content. This was a very exciting, spy type book that really hooked me from the get go. I’d give the story a 4/5.

Overall I’d give this experience a 4.5/5 🙂