Hey Guys! Today I’m reviewing Flirting with Time by Mary Anne Edwards!

My arc was a beta, so there were some typos, etc. But it was a beta and I know this author fixed said typos so it should all be good on that front! I actually read this series out of order lol. But even saying that it’s alright. There’s enough information and backstory you needn’t start from the start to read this one. However I highly suggest it, as there were things I’d like to know more of, which I plan on doing once I get some more free time.

As for the book itself I thought the mystery was intriguing. McClung’s wife is getting stalked. But by who? Each person seems to both have motive and no motive at the same time. The head of the library is a really weird dude and the fact he pretends not to know who Marion is is even more odd. Though his sister for me really wasn’t a motive at all. She seemed relatively normal compared to everyone else. From the beginning I thought the wife of the library dude was off her rocker. She seemed to have multiple personality disorder or DID. I wasn’t sure she could do it though by herself, because of her instability. And when McClung’s ex shows up with a new face, I was like that one that one!! But all seemed to have alibis. So I thought hmm maybe the women are working together.

Marion and McClung get along really well. Their relationship is sweet. I also liked the other secondary characters such as Marion’s friend and one of the police officers. They were funny and I hope they get a relationship in the future! I also really hated that waitress. She was wayyyy too flirty and annoying and rude. Idk what crawled up her butt, but it’s been there for awhile and just because the guy you have a crush on gets married doesn’t mean you can act like a witch to his wife and become even more flirty to him.

What I didn’t really get was how Marion didn’t know she was pregnant. Apparently she couldn’t have kids or whatever. But it’s clear super duper clear from the beginning that she is due to her aversion to food, weird cravings, and wanting to puke feeling. I’m not sure how they can get excited though about trying again after the miscarriage. Because if she couldn’t for years, then this is a fluke. And she probably won’t? Unless they try some heavy duty treatments.

As for the mastermind behind it all, this is a spoiler!
The library dude planned it all! Had the ex and his wife go after Marion. Hoped they would die or get caught and blamed on. While he would have the alibi of being with the waitress girl. So I guess every suspect really did have a hand in the stalking lol. I feel bad for the poor wife though. Even if she was a bit bonkers. It’s rude of your husband to convince you he won’t love you until this other girl is dead.

All in all loved it! Can’t wait for more, and to go back and read more 🙂 This gets a 5/5 stars and 9/10 on my rating scale.

If you’re interested in looking at it the ebook is $2.99 on kindle and free for KU subscribers. Click on the link for Flirting with Time!