Hey Guy! Today I’m reviewing the audiobook Deadly Shore by Andrew Cunningham and narrated by Greg Hernandez!

Plot wise this deserves a 4/5! It really grips you from the get go. It takes place over July 4th weekend and has terrorists threatening to release anthrax if their demands aren’t met. What a crazy start to a book and exciting thrills that this opens up! Character wise I’d give this a 4/5 as well. Marcus and Sara were interesting individuals. Marcus is a private eye while Sara is a former cop. They work off each other well and have pretty good development through the story.

Narration wise I’d give it a 4/5. Hernandez’s voice was strong and clear. I thought he voiced everyone well and added good distinctions to the characters. Only mishap was that for the really tense and exciting situations he seemed to have a kind of monotone..or rather that he didn’t really put any emphasis on the severity of the situation, which I felt was odd.

Overall I’d give this a 4/5! Really enjoyed this action thriller!