Hey Guys! Today I’m reviewing Wired by Leslie North and narrated by Rebecca Roberts.

First the story. I found it to be pretty enjoyable. It’s a nice sports romance that helped break up my week by listening to it. There is a lot of information that gets downloaded to us via this book and so much drama I can’t really believe I only read one book haha. I found both Marcus and Clare to be intriguing characters. I like that at first they aren’t too trusting of each other, but then through trials they get to know and understand one another. It makes this feel like a good chunk of time passed before they went to the steaminess which I always appreciate. I’d give it a 4/5.

For the narration I thought it was really nice! I enjoyed Roberts’ voice. The only draw back I have is with the male voices. They were a little hard to distinguish and give me a clear picture of who is who and what they may look like. But that didn’t really impact the story too much so I’d give the audio a 4/5.

Overall I’d give this a 4/5 stars!