Hey Guys! Today I’m reviewing Solitude by Dean M. Cole and narrated by R.C. Bray and Julia Whelan!

Amazing story! I loved this survivalist end of the world book. It was fun listening to how the people would end up surviving what happened to Earth. I also felt that this book did a great job summarizing everything in the end and making sure we got that ending that while wants us to read on does not leave us on a crazy big cliffhanger that can be so infuriating! There are of course some answers I still have for this story and I believe we will get them in the next story. I can’t wait until I can read or listen to the next book! 4/5 stars!

For the narration I loved having two narrators. I love dual perspectives. When everything is done right it can be magical on the ears and beautiful for the storyline! This was done excellently. Julia is a great narrator. I’ve liked her work in the past and I think she carried over her great sense of tone to this novel. Bray also played off her well. 5/5 stars!

Overall I’d give the whole thing 4.5/stars!