Hey guys! Today I’m reviewing the audiobook Heartborn by Terry Maggert and narrated by Julia Whelan.

This plot is really amazing! While angel books tend to put angels in the best light and make them ethereal beings that no one can quite wrap their mind around, this author has taken a different route with them. There are several types of angels and different factions running amok. They have darker personalities. Most are aggressive, possessive, prideful things. Though the Kieran is kinder than his brethren, he still has flaws. I really thought this concept was wonderful.

Although in execution it was confusing at times. I was utterly confused as to what a Heartborn was the entire story. Thank goodness it was 80% clarified at the end. Although I wish it hadn’t taken so long, as we were told Kieran was a Heartborn right in the beginning, and the reader has to wonder wtf is that the whole time! There are then cloud and mist, etc born angels. Those are apparently not something we get to learn about in this book. Even though I would have really liked to. The Crescent Council is apparently the bad guys in this situation. They have been ruling angels for forever and want everyone to bow to their will. House Wintook is not a fan, so when they send their son to the past? (very unsure about that) to save a girl and the council comes calling to say their other son had killed him and they had to answer for their crimes, Wintook takes a stand.

They take in this Blightwing named Cressa. She is a Blightwing because she has killed and her feathers turned grey. Kinda sad really. They go to the council meeting and decide to throw down against three members. Now I’m not entirely sure what Wintook is fighting for. I get the council is corrupt, but Wintook doesn’t seem like it wants to lead. It just seems to want to liberate angels from the council, but then leave chaos in it’s place. Maybe we will learn more in the next book.

As for the other world. I’m not sure if Earth is in the past or future or just alternate dimension. Vassa, Kieran’s mom, alludes to it being in the past. However in the library that Livvy works in the book on Wintook is old. So if there’s a book on Wintook in the library doesn’t that mean that the angels are in the past? Oh but get this we learn that the library was fake, say what????? Yeah Kieran made the illusion. Like how does a whole town not know a library is fake? Or did he make the illusion in Livvy’s mind and she has been kept somewhere the whole time?

Also how do her parents know she’s Heartborn? Why didn’t they tell her? Why is Livvy so accepting of angels in the end? It almost seems like she knows, but doesn’t at the same time. The mean librarian wasn’t part of Kieran’s illusion, so why doesn’t he end the illusion to keep Livvy safe? How do we go from sitting in the library, Livvy walking to a door, and then lying on a gurney being wheeled towards a heart transplant? If the illusion ended shouldn’t we have some sort of idk transition to the car accident and then the hospital?

The Wintook storyline gets a 4/5. Livvy’s gets a 3/5. It’s too confusing to piece together. Not very many questions are answered, and to be truthful hers is the more boring out of them. She’s just working in a fake library the whole time and then kisses Kieran. Wintook takes on the Crescent Council and sows seeds of destruction! It’s kinda sad to go from super action to super snore fest back and forth. However I do know with how it ended the next book will have more action. So 3.5/5 for the storyline.

Now the audio was just wonderful! It was a steady and even pace. The tone was light yet commanding. Whelan’s voice fit perfectly in this story. She really made the character’s come to life and her voice is what sucked me in the most, as it really should be with audiobooks. I’ve heard her before and I was happy to have a familiar voice listening to the story. She did such a great job with all the characters. I love when a narrator can have a big range to their storytelling. It gets so boring when you hear the same female or male voice over and over, because the narrator can’t distinguish between one of the sexes well. I’d give her a 5/5 stars.

Overall this story deserves 4.5/5 stars! I can’t wait to get my hands on the next in the series!

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