Hey guys! Today I’m reviewing the audiobook Understanding the Stars by Xela Culletto and narrated by Lori Prince.

The book immediately gets you hooked with the plot dropping you right in there! I loved the fast pace and was excited to listen to this novel. However the fast pace dies down and is left with a little bit of monotony. The main character over and over goes from safe, to abducted, to rescued, and safe, etc…This put a damper in my enjoyment of the overall plot. The characters are strong and I thought they were portrayed interestingly. The story gets a 3/5 stars.

I really enjoyed the reader for this story. She did a nice job voicing everything and I thought she had a great even tone. My only qualm would be on her alien accent. It went in and out. She also sounded a little strained when doing it. I would give her a 4.5/5 stars.

Overall I found it to be enjoyable and the narrator redeeming what the plot lacked. I would give this a 4/5 stars.