Hey Guys! Today I’m reviewing The Sparks by Kyle Prue. Narrated by Jon Eric Preston.

I thought the story was very interesting. The premise drew me in immediately and kept me with the work while I listened to it. I never felt out of the loop with this story. Overall I would give the story a 4/5.

The narrator was wonderful. He did a great job with all the characters and I found his voice soothing, yet not to the point where it could put me to sleep. However there was an odd part where it sounded like the narrator changed towards the end, and either he’s a great voice actor or something happened with the audio. Since it kind of messed with the fluidity of the story the audio gets a 4/5 as well.

I personally liked the story and would continue reading or listening to more of Prue’s work in the future. If you enjoy YA and fantasy worlds this is a good read for you! Overall 4/5!