Hey Guys! I have Literary Vacation Club here with this month’s theme of Pushing Daisies! It also happens to be their 1 year anniversary!!

Item #1: To See- Special Edition Notebook/WoodPencil. The artwork is designed after the main characters of the book: Dusty Miller and Nandina Bush. I love it! It is so pretty 🙂

Item #2: To Taste- Strong Coffee. I’ll give it to my friend, I don’t drink coffee haha.

Item #3: To Touch- Dusty Miller and Nandina Bush Bookmarks. Handmade bookmarks that represent the plants after which the main characters are named. Hmm never heard of a dusty or miller plant but I’ll be on the lookout in the future!

Item #4: To Hear- Perrenials Playlist. Over on spotify, can’t wait to hear it!

Item #5: To Smell- Lavender Sachet. It just smells so goooooood. I love lavender.

Item #6: Crime Scene Lanyard. Not sure what I’ll do with this one.

Item #7: Black Rose Bag. Hmm again, this seems a little small to be a tote bag. Perhaps I’ll give this to my cousin.

Item #8: Perennial Seeds. I’ll have to get a pot together for them!

Item #9: Sherlock Holmes Necklace. I actually have this lol but in a different color, so it’s still all good.

Item #10: Perennials by Bryce Gibson. Rated 3.86 out of 5 stars on GoodReads. There is a killer in South Carolina attacking people who share their names with plants. Dusty Miller and Nandina Bush believe they could very well be next. They fear that he will make his way to Crow County, and when Dusty finds rose petals on his driveway, his fears are confirmed….. I love a good serial killer mystery!!! Ugh, can’t wait to read this!