Hey Guys! Today I’m reviewing the audiobook Long Days of Small Things by Catherine McNiel. Narrated by Andrea Emmes.

This was a fun listen through on my phone. I enjoyed learning about Catherine’s experience with motherhood.  It had its ups and downs, laughters and sorrows. She told tales that would make me giggle about her pregnancy and rambunctious toddler. Then there were Bible scripture that she also incorporated seamlessly into the work. Although if you are not Christian/a fan of the Bible you may perhaps want to stay away from this one. Her faith is a large part of her, and while she isn’t quoting scripture at every page she does use examples of her life and relates them to stories from the Bible. So keep in mind when deciding to purchase if you are a fan of these kinds of books or not. I for one appreciated the quotes and references. I always find they add something to nonfiction work that makes me smile.

Overall I’d give the story a 5 star rating. The narration 5 stars. And the overall rating a 5 star!