Hey Guys! UpperCase May is here!!!!

Item #1: Book & Eyeglasses earrings from Yellow Owl Workshop. They are so cute! I’m currently wearing them!

Item #2: Iron-on Cat & Get Lit patches designed by Erik Bulkema. The kitty looks like pusheen reading a book!! And the get lit patch is so funny haha

Item #3: Windfall Scratch-Off Card. I didn’t win a first edition sadly, but it was still fun to try!

Item #4: Windfall by Jennifer E. Smith. Signed by the author. Rated 3.84 out of 5 stars on GoodReads. Alice’s parents died one year apart when she was a kid, while Teddy had been abandoned by his father, leaving his family to the gambling debts. When Teddy turns 18 Alice decides to buy him a lotto ticket, which turns out to be a winner. 140million!!! But soon the good luck turns to misfortune, and she regrets buying that ticket. I’d love to win that kind of money! I’m interested to see what kind of bad juju they come across though as they get to explore their newfound wealth.

The bookmark that UpperCase has special for us to interact with their website.