Hey Guys! I’m reviewing The Glitch by Ramona Finn. Narrated by Genevieve Kaplan.

I thought this started out really cool and odd. All of a sudden the main character Lib finds herself standing over an unconscious girl. She knows nothing of what happened to her or why she is there. The girl kind of makes fun of her when she wakes up, until she realizes Lib has no idea what’s going on. Then Sky decides to take her back to her hide out, since it seems Lib saved her life. Minimal details though on how that happened even from Sky’s POV.

The people she lives with are called rogues. They seem to be some sort of Native American people? I guess because they don’t have access to technology, because they decided to live outside of this special city/continent/idk where all the other people are but where they are there are just deserts and ruins. Apparently Lib is a glitch. Half AI, half human? How does that even work? Why is she a glitch? Are all half breeds glitches? Or are all humans now becoming the same with technology and the ones that malfunction are glitches? If humans are interested in being the same then why are people born with different hair/eye/skin colors still? Also how is there just one big AI controlling the world? Or just their section of the world? Why did they take away all the resources?

Nothing is really answered…there are a lot of questions and a lot of confusing responses, not really followed up with descriptions. We find out some things. We know they still have cars that run on sun, but as for what type of car I’m unsure. They seem like motorcycles, but Lib says there are cages on the cars…They can only get food if they hack into the AI system, but it’s never specified where that system is. Is it all around them? If so, then no one truly leaves the AI world? And if glitches are the only things that can hack, then why do other rogue nations hate them? Wouldn’t they be useful for food and water??

As for the characters Wolf seems to need to take a chill pill. Sky is ok, but strangely childish. I think the narrator portrayed her all weird. Made her sound really snarky. Lib is just odd, mainly because she has no memory. But also seems to be devoid of emotion. Bird seems off, and is potentially Wolf’s mate. Then Raj has a crush on Sky. But I’m not sure glitches can mate?

Even as we continue through the rest of the book we never quite understand where we are in the story. It seems to jump around a lot. Lib tells instead of shows us what happens. We start to get to understand the world a tad bit more as Lib remembers more of what the world is/when Sky and Wolf teach her more. Raj decides that Lib is special and that she can help him crack into the Norm. They get in and have the objective to fix the AI but after only a small bit of time the AI knows they are there and attacks Raj. Lib think she’s safe because she is not a glitch, but I don’t think that’s the reason why. She connects inside the norm to try and save Raj only to have the AI (Connie) talk to her.

Connie says that Lib hasn’t completed her mission yet. Lib doesn’t think much on it, except that she knows Connie has the face of her mom and that she was manufactured at some point. After they go back to the Trackers Lib is put in a crash course on becoming a clan member. Wolf trains her every morning, and says she is ready. Then she is taken to a hot springs to bathe, and a ruined city to scavenge. While their clan is called the Trackers, they didn’t make her have any kind of tracking challenge to join which I thought was odd. She joins and they have a bonfire ceremony, yet half of the clan still doesn’t like her. Lib has dreams of death for all the clan and the glitches throughout and while is unsettled, doesn’t think anything of it. There is also a strangely thrown in romantic interaction between her and Wolf, like what?????

After an extremely long 3/4 of the book where hardly anything happens, yet it takes forever to listen to/I suppose read we get to the end of the whole shabang. Groups are going out to scavenge, but not many are coming back. When bobcat (one of the promising trackers dies) Bird flips out on Lib. Says she has seen her dreams and destruction around her. Two of the glitches, and four other clan members don’t come back either. They hold a council meeting to decide if she should leave the clan or stay. Some advocate for her, but Bird’s vision of destruction mixed with great things seems to spook most of the members, perhaps even Wolf.

Lib decides to fuck it and leave without their decision. She breaks into the norm to see if she can fix Connie. Raj shows up randomly and joins in on the adventure. They travel under the Norm and battle their way towards the AI. Once in the control room Lib finds out that Connie created her, but she also feels she was born. We learn that Connie wears the face of her creator, so did that person have Lib as a baby? But Lib says she was also created by Connie to be the emotional one…so I’m confuzzled. She also learns she was made to go spy on the Trackers, but why is her memory wiped if that was the reason she was created? Raj disappears, but he didn’t die? Lib sends out a crazy sandstorm to get rid of the sentinels and drones that attack the rogues. She heads out into the storm and is almost swallowed by the storm. Then Wolf shows up with Sky and Bird. The Freakin End…..

Overall I’m really confused. I think the world has a lot of potential. The scenery could have been described better. The plot could have been more clear. There are some questions that should have been answered. I do know there are two more books in the series. I’m just going to have to listen or read them to find out more. I am intrigued enough to continue on. But I’m just super duper confused. Story: 3/5. It needs more a whole freaking lot more. Narrator: 4/5. She was good for the majority of the characters, however I feel her voice was bad for Sky and Lib. Sky sounded like a brat/rich girl. Lib was too flat. Of course she’s machine based, but she still has emotions. She should have had more range and more confusion should have been expressed. Also there were 3 chapters that sounded like the audio was recorded in a bathroom. It was super echoey and I don’t know why. Overall: 3.5/5 or on my grading scale a 6.5/10.

If you’d like to check this out on Audible for free trial click on the link below for easy access. It’s $17.95, 1 credit with Audible account or $14.95 at a discount. If you’re more a fan of reading on your kindle it’s $.99 or free with KU.

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