Hey Guys! I’m reviewing The Glitch by Ramona Finn. Narrated by Genevieve Kaplan.

I thought this started out really cool and odd. All of a sudden the main character Lib finds herself standing over an unconscious girl. She knows nothing of what happened to her or why she is there. The girl kind of makes fun of her when she wakes up, until she realizes Lib has no idea what’s going on. Then Sky decides to take her back to her hide out, since it seems Lib saved her life. Minimal details though on how that happened even from Sky’s POV.

The people she lives with are called rogues. They seem to be some sort of Native American people? I guess because they don’t have access to technology, because they decided to live outside of this special city/continent/idk where all the other people are but where they are there are just deserts and ruins. Apparently Lib is a glitch. Half AI, half human? How does that even work? Why is she a glitch? Are all half breeds glitches? Or are all humans now becoming the same with technology and the ones that malfunction are glitches? If humans are interested in being the same then why are people born with different hair/eye/skin colors still? Also how is there just one big AI controlling the world? Or just their section of the world? Why did they take away all the resources?

Nothing is really answered…there are a lot of questions and a lot of confusing responses, not really followed up with descriptions. We find out some things. We know they still have cars, but I don’t see how if oil/gas is gone. They can only get food if they hack into the AI system, but it’s never specified where that system is. Is it all around them? If so, then no one truly leaves the AI world? And if glitches are the only things that can hack, then why do other rogue nations hate them? Wouldn’t they be useful for food and water??

As for the characters Wolf seems to need to take a chill pill. Sky is ok, but strangely childish. I think the narrator portrayed her all weird. Made her sounds really snarky. Lib is just odd, mainly because she has no memory. But also seems to be devoid of emotion. Bird seems off, and is potentially Wolf’s mate. Then Raj has a crush on Sky. But I’m not sure glitches can mate?

Overall I’m really confused. I think the world has a lot of potential. The scenery could have been described better. The plot could have been more clear. There are some questions that should have been answered. I do know there are two more books in the series. I’m just going to have to listen or read them to find out more. I am intrigued enough to continue on. But I’m just super duper confused. Story: 3/5. Narrator: 4/5. Overall: 4/5 or on my grading scale a 6.5/10.