Hey Guys I’m reviewing Hairspray and Homicide by Cindy Bell. I gave this a 3 out of 5 stars on GoodReads and Amazon. In my rating scale this would get about a 5/10.

The story was interesting enough. I think the drawback with this is that it was a very short book. Short books tend to be rushed and not fleshed out. The whole premise of Bekki returning home after she finds her fiancé cheating on her only to be accused of murder of her mom’s arch nemesis is crazy! But it just wasn’t pulled off.

There is little investigation in the book. The police didn’t ever arrest Bekki. They didn’t even get mad she was investigating. Trevor showed up and immediately disappeared. There would’ve been more with his interaction. More investigation. More character fighting. More police aggression because Bekki was the main suspect.

Instead they just allowed Bekki to walk all over town asking the only other suspect if he did it. While the police might not have investigated too well, Bekki did even less…

Overall I thought Sammy as a best friend was great, but she seems to have disappeared at the end as well. I hope going forward there’s more characterization, plot development, and actual investigation.