Hey Guys! Today I’m reviewing A Dyed Blonde and a Dead Body by Cindy Bell!

As always the premise of this book is interesting enough and the characters are likable. There are however many plot holes and it is not as fleshed out as it should be that I can’t give it higher than a 3 or 6/10.

What I had issue with:
-Bekki just knows her friend didn’t commit suicide. She has a hunch and sees some suspicious items at the crime scene yet the police don’t care and rule it a suicide. Even with suicides police still have to gather evidence before ruling it as such. They can’t just say it is one…
-Bekki just breaks into the bakery not thinking that the son of the dead owner might happen to return to do some tidying up…
-If the murderer isn’t in their hotel room how do they know Bekki stole the note pad? How do they even know Bekki is investigating? And just bc they had a blue notepad in their room doesn’t mean they wrote the suicide note. Anyone from that hotel could have.
-Nick forgives Bekki too easily. They need a relationship check. She’s walking all over him and the law and he just tells her good job.
-We know who did it from the get go. No twist…
-If Lydia had a choice between being shot slowly to death and hanging herself why didn’t she go with the slow shot? I mean she knew Bekki was coming over within an hour to pick up the cake. She could put something over the wound and hope for help….and if the murderer lied and was gonna shoot her in the head that’s assuredly less pain and quicker than being strangled to death.

Due to these issues I definitely couldn’t rate the Book higher than 3 stars. As I said interested premise, fun characters, but not a whole lot of investigation or fleshed out plot in this.