Hey Guys! It’s FairyLoot March time!!! This month’s theme was Myths and Monsters!

Item #1: Silver Dragon Scale Scarf by GivArt. Super Soft!! And an interesting pattern, since it’s made to look like dragon scales.

Item #2: Unicorn Fairy Lights by Mustard. I’m not sure where to hang them, but they seem really cute!

Item #3: Nephilim Candle by Geeky Clean that smells of black cherry and lime. Definitely an interesting smell.

Item #4: Mermaid Pocket Mirror by Book Otter. Now you can be the little mermaid too!

Item #5: Dragon and Phoenix Magnetic Bookmarks by Bonitismo. Love love love magnetic bookmarks and these are no exception! Super cute!!

Item #6: Anniversary Booklet from FairyLoot. They started in March 2016!!

Items #7-10: Strange the Dreamer by Laini Taylor. Interview, postcard, and author letter. Rated 4.42 out of 5 stars on GoodReads. Lazlo Strange, junior librarian, has been in search of a lost city of Weep since he was 5. He joins a gang of legendary warriors and the Godslayer to find this city! Kinda sounds like Atlantis to me tbh, but with some differences I hope. I’ll find out!