Hey Guys! I’m here with another audiobook review for Onions in the Stew by Betty MacDonald and voiced by Heather Henderson. I would say I’d give this book a 4/5 for story and a 5/5 for voice acting. On my rating scale this would receive a 7/10.

I thought the overall story of the book was interesting, however I do not believe this is a book for me. I was reading other reviews and how people found this to be hilarious. For me I just listened and chuckled rarely. This reminded me honestly of those proverb books my grandma used to read to me about Br’er rabbit. It was alright, but not ever going to be my favorite.

I enjoyed the history lessons that the book taught me about the 40s. The culture of the young children growing up, what was expected of people during war time, and how women are treated. But after the intrigue for history I just lost my interest in this book.

There wasn’t really any action. It was just a biography of sorts. It’s listed that way on Amazon anyways. Also as a parenting book, which does make me chuckle seeing as how the parents didn’t do much parenting. Beyond the washer machine getting swept out to sea on the boat after a big rainstorm I didn’t find too much amusement in this book.

My breakdown of the characters. Don (the father) I found to be lazy. Betty (the mother) was a dreamer and a bit unrealistic in expectations. Joan (older sister) was snooty and girly, but certainly not as bad as her sister was. Annie or Anne? (younger sister) was trying to convince people all the time that she didn’t have to go to school. She even skipped school most days or would sit in the nurse’s office “sick.” She was perhaps the most interesting character of the bunch.

However I do understand other people have differing opinions and tastes, so if you are a fan of biographies, of weird adventures with the whole family, and some every day activities then you shall enjoy this series. Also Henderson is an amazing voice actress and you will enjoy her speaking! She’s even toned, great with characters, and keeps a good pace.

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