Hey Guys! I have my UpperCase March box here!!!

Item #1: Hunted Bookmark

Item #2: Jane Austen Socks by SockSmith. So cute!!!! I am loving these socks that keep coming in boxes! Fun socks to wear around the house and school.

Item #3: Gold Foil Book Stack art print by Belle Adele Co. Pretty cool. Going on my collage door.

Item #4: Book Hoarder Sticker by Alexis Lampley. Aww. Such a cute dragon. I put it on my kindle cover!

Item #5: Hunted by Meagan Spooner. Signed. Rated 4.01 stars on GoodReads. Yeva’s father loses his money and they must relocate to the woods. He is slowly losing his mind and has been tracking a beast in the woods. When he goes missing Yeva must look for him by retracing his steps. Sounds like an interesting mystery retelling of Beauty and the Beast.

Extra bookmark that has content on the UpperCase website 🙂