Novel Tea Club February is here. Strangely without a card to tell me what I have….

Item #1: Beehive Candle. Smells like honey. Not sure How I’ll like burning it.

Item #2: Breakfast in Bed Black Tea by Plum Deluxe Tea. Ingredients: black tea, blackberry, hazelnut essence, and blue cornflowers. Smells nice.

Item #3: Honeycomb Chocolate by Chuao Chocolatier. Not a fan of honey. Will be giving to someone else.

Item #4: Gilded Cage by Vic James. Rated 3.81 stars on GoodReads. This follows Abi and Luke who are slaves serving the aristocrats with magical gifts. But there is a family history secret that might save Abi from being enslaved for 10 years. Not sure how I feel, but this sounds pretty interesting.