Hey Guys! It’s my Novel Tea Club January Box!! This box’s theme was New Beginnings. In this box:

Item #1: Winter Wonder Land Tea by Cozy Leaf. It was made in Kansas! From their website: “Walkin’ in a winter wonderland of cinnamon spice and soft chamomile with a hint of clove, orange and elderberry. The perfect blend for an extra immunity boost in the cold winter months!” It smells great! And I can’t wait to try it!

Item #2: Tea Infuser. You put tea leaves inside of it and drop it into the warm water. I’ve wanted one of these forever. I’ve just been too lazy to buy one. Just sipping my tea hoping I don’t swallow the leaves haha. Glad to have received this!

Item #3: February Teaser Be My Honey Postcard Calendar. Cute and useful for keeping track of the days!

Items #4: 2 pencils. They are custom designed and will be helpful for upcoming tests!

Item #5: New Beginning Print on the back of the description card. Doesn’t really look like a new beginning. It’s a lightbulb with ideas, so I guess new idea card?

Item #6: Heart Stone by Elle Katharine White. 3.82 stars on GoodReads. This is a spin off of Pride and Prejudice with monsters. Aliza Bentaine’s sister has died at the hands of invading gryphons. Lord Merybourne hires a band of Riders to hunt down the horde, and she is excited that her home will be safe once more. Unfortunately the relief is short lived with the arrival of Alastair Daired. He is a conceited dragonrider. She finds a love and a mystery in Merybourne Manor. Underneath something old sleeps. Aliza must know prepare to fight a war that will span kingdoms, class lines, and her own heart. Wow does this sound interesting!! I think I’ll be reading this soon!

Next month’s theme is Be My Honey! Can’t wait!