Hey Guys! I’m Reviewing Donuts, Antiques, and Murder by Stacey Alabaster.

This is the second in The Bakery Detectives Series. I really do enjoy these cozy mysteries, but they are not without fault. If some of these things I had issues with were fixed in future books I can see myself giving these mysteries a 4/5 maybe even a 5/5. But for the time being these books are pulling a weak 3/5 and overall I’d say 6/10 on my grading scale.

Here’s what I thought wasn’t so great in the book:
-Rachael says she has to solve a murder, but she doesn’t because her reputation isn’t on the line like last time. She is in no way obligated to solve this murder.
-She lets an employee storm off and won’t fire him…
-She doesn’t think someone could have broken in when her picture just falls to the floor and shatters
-Also why is there a painting of the twins in her home? And why does she not know what paintings she owns? Whose paintings are they if not hers?
-Doesn’t ask Pippa important questions like in previous books. Rachael just lets her take her own time to tell.
-What kind of person thinks he can just waltz into a wedding reception (granted some customers are just rude like that)
-Why did Pippa say a pie poisoned the woman from last book when it was Carl’s fish. (if you don’t know that you’ve read out of order)
-Is Gus’ store still open even with the murder, b/c he was in there and shouldn’t it be a crime scene, therefore I don’t know closed off to people even those that work there?????
-But it would have to be open, or how else would someone scream about another dead body in there?
-How would Rachael sneak out to kill someone in 2 mins when she went to the bathroom in her place, which is the opposite direction of the antique store?
-Pippa thinks it’s a good idea to hire the person she’s dating and Rachael doesn’t fire her for this
-Pippa says Rachael isn’t spending time with her when it has been 4 days and she has been sick the entire time…sick ppl shouldn’t be around food
-Detective is a major a**hole. He tells Rachael he’s dating his partner when he has flirted with her in the previous book and this one.
-Rachael magically has developed a gluten allergy. People allergic to gluten aka Celiac Disease are born with it….Lactose intolerance would make more sense for her symptoms and is developed as you age
-Villain reveal is WTF! How???????
-Pippa has money to go traveling for months somehow

What I liked:
-Love Rachael and Pippa’s banter. They are funny and cute together. Though Pippa can be too much of an airhead for my liking. And Rachael doesn’t discipline her even though she is an employee.
-The storyline is fast and fascinating. I wish there was more mystery to the mystery though.
-The ending is creepy in a good way.

Overall I really enjoy reading this series and will continue until it gives me a 2 star book. Then I may reconsider the time I’ve wasted. But it’s on KU and I’ve recently decided KU is worth the money so I don’t actually buy things now 🙂 If you don’t have KU I think this book is like .99 That’s pretty dang good for a novel!