Hey Guys! I’m reviewing To Catch Her by Alice K. Wayne.

I received an arc of this book and am choosing to honestly review it! I’d say this was a 9/10 on my grading scale.
I really freakin loved this book! Mikayla is a seemingly average reporter, but has the agenda of making it big in her world. So she agrees to go undercover and work as a secretary to the youngest crime syndicate’s son. Little would she know that they had technically met years before and that he knows all the vulnerable things about herself she wishes she could forget.

What I loved about this book:

-Mikayla and Tomas have a perfect chemistry together and I loved all of their more steamy scenes together! The author wrote those scenes so hot I needed to turn off the heat in my apartment haha. They also have a good back and forth conversation wise. It’s not all the time you get stories that have the perfect balance of sexiness and conversation.

-Even minor characters are developed! Yes! Thank you for developing everyone! It just always adds more depth to the story.

-The overall plot line was so intriguing I almost forgot I was reading a steamy romance for a bit. I just needed to know more! And dang was that ending not what I expected!

The only thing I felt off about:

-The time jump between the first chapter and the rest of the book. I was kind of confused for a moment as I had thought Mikayla was in school and then all of a sudden she was a journalist and was going undercover….Then realized there was a time jump when Tomas mentioned she was 27 haha. It wasn’t super jarring or anything, just maybe put a however many years later has passed at the beginning of the next part of the book.