Hey Guys! It’s UpperCase February box!!!

Item #1: Valentine Card from EpicReads. It reads I’d share my books with you. It’s pretty funny. Idk if I’d share my books with anyone. You’d have to be super special.

Item #2: I ❤ YA Laptop Sticker from EpicReads. Unfortunately I have nowhere to stick it. Unless I put it on the bottom. So maybe I’ll put it there.

Items #3-4: Pride and Peppermint Tea from NovelTeaTins. Ooooooo. I’ve heard of them from instagram! I’m excited to try it, especially since I love peppermint and mint teas after Green Tea. Ingredients: rooibos, peppermint, and chamomile. Plus an instruction bookmark on how to brew the tea.

Item #5: Sherlock Holmes 221B Key Necklace. I love Sherlock! Yes!!!! I can’t wait to wear this somewhere 🙂

Item #6: By Your Side by Kasie West. Signed. The blurb on the back has me thinking they’re playing cards. One of them is winning and potentially winning for the other’s affections. Not sure haha. But I like the cute blurb. Gonna read asap!