Hey Guys! My Literary Vacation Club February Box came!! This month’s theme is Diamond in the Rough. This month’s box has:

Item #1: To Smell: Rainbow Cotton Candy Goat Milk Soap by Little Turtle Soaps. It is both rainbow and smells like cotton candy/ that fruity gum haha. I love all the decorative soaps I’ve been getting recently!

Item #2: To Touch: Hand Crocheted Book Page Protector. It’s supposed to help protect pages from being bent or torn when traveling. The various colors of yarn was used to reflect the light inside of us.

Item #3: To See: The Way We Go Art Print.

Item #4: To Hear: Playlists for the Way We Go and Growth Spurt are on spotify.

Item #5: To Taste: Smartfood Delight Popcorn. Smartfood is my favorite popcorn! It’s super awesome 🙂

Item #6: Throne of Glass Locket Key Chain by Literary Lifestyle Co. It looks really pretty. I’m gonna put it on my keys later today haha. It also seems like the book borrower card is signed by Sarah J Maas.

Item #7: A Note that reads: I hope this box empowers you. From the owner of the box.

Item #8: A Valentine! Harry Potter Valentine!

Item #9: The Way We Go by Roxie Prince. Lindsay is forced to take care of herself and her sister at the age of 16 due to their mother being a prostitute. Her mom then meets Ben and their lives change. It changes even further when Lindsay meets Ben’s friend Micah. I’m really interested in how Ben is going to change their lives. Maybe her mom starts becoming a little more responsible over her daughters. At least I hope this has a happyish ending haha.

Item #10: Growth Spurt a companion novel to The Way We Go by Roxie Prince. Two years after the end of the last book Katie Sterling and her friends are turning thirteen and enter the confusing era of their lives. Katie grapples with boycrazy peers and her inability to connect with them. Michaela’s family is in turmoil over her parents’ divorce and her brother and her start to rebel. Rachael and Aubrey struggle to find peace in their new dynamic. Aubrey’s Mormon faith separates her from her friends, while Rachael struggles to assert herself and form an identity of her own. This sounds like a pretty interesting book plot wise. Although I’m not sure how the Mormon thing will play out. Since I’ve grown up that way and basically quit the fait it’ll be interesting to read how someone who is strong in the faith comes across in a novel.

Next month’s theme is Norse Mythology!