Hey Guys! I have the special Harry Potter Box from Novel Tea Club! In it came:

Item #1: Huffle-My-Puff Candle. Cake, Coconut, and Pear. The quote reads: Stereotypical quote about loyalty when all we really want to do is work together and have fun. Haha

Item #2: Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans. Definitely don’t want to eat the wrong ones!

Item #3: Fantastic Beasts Keychain. I love it!!!!!

Item #4: Necklace.

Item #5: Hand folded origami heart magnet set. It has stuff from the Harry Potter books written on them.

Item #6: Harry potter 2017 Calendar. Love it 🙂 Had to put books on it to keep it flat. So currently not pictured.