Hey Guys! It’s FairyLoot February!!!!! This month’s theme was Emperors and Fugitives.

Item #1: Full Size Kalusian Sunset Candle. This was made exclusively for the box by Happy Piranha. Apparently the name will make sense after I read the book. It smells really great btw. You should be jealous!

Item #2: Rebel of the Sands Pouch by Alisse Courtier. It reads: The world makes things for each place. Have not read the book, so I don’t get the quote. But I plan on reading it soon.

Item #3: Baby Groot Guardians of the Galaxy Keychain!!!!! OMG so cute! from Funko.

Item #4: Celestial Gunpowder Bath Bomb by Bathing Beauties. I love bath bombs!! They smell amazing and make your skin feel all refreshed. This one is cupcake scented

Item #5: Illuminae Quote Coaster by Read At Midnight. Have not read this book either. It’s on my TBR. The quote reads: She is catalyst. She is chaos. I can see why he loves her.

Item #6: Space Girl Bookmark by Till and Dill. It’s really pretty.

Item #7: Manon & Dorian Art Print by Taratjah. They are characters from Throne of Glass.

Items #8-10: Empress of a Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza, author letter, and signed name plate. Rhee is the soul survivor of her bloodline. She is seen as delicate and to be protected until she comes of age to rule as empress. But she has other plans. Love the blurb! Love the cover! Will be reading this sometime soon!!