Hey Guys! Today I have The Billionaire’s Secret Babies by Penny Wylder.

I’d say on my grading scale I’d give it about a 5/10. It wasn’t bad, but I also didn’t love it.

We first meet Manila as she is practically thrown out of the office she works for by her evil boss, who is firing her for being a mother. She’s rightly outraged and then begins to think about what she’s going to do for work and money because she has twins and no support system. Luckily she’s able to get a job interview after she posts something on an online board. That’s how she meets Cassius and he offers a job, then makes her live with him, then makes her his lover..etc.

So things I did not really enjoy in this book:

-The overall convenience of everything. I know, I know she has to meet the billionaire and if you can guess from the title it’s super important b/c of some certain little ppls. But like 3 hours after she posts on a bulletin board she’s immediately contacted for a job interview and is told to bring the kids and to go that night? I have never been so lucky! I need to live in whatever universe Manila lives in. Also if a potential employer told me to come to their house the night we start talking about employment I’d be a little disturbed. Definitely tell friends in case this becomes the next Criminal Minds episode.

-Manila and Cassius immediately get together. I think she’s worked for him for 1 day before he jumps her bones….not a fan of instalove or instalust. I understand it’s a shorter novel, but still I’d like for some time to have passed in this story before they started feeling each other up.

-Cassius demanding she live in his place. NOPE. If Criminal Minds has told me anything. DON’T DO IT GIRL! And he has clothes for her, in her exact size….stalker? Just why oh why did she stick around when she came back to that shit?

-Cassius can’t get someone pregnant, and yet he did…he either can or he can’t. There’s no magical inbetween. Now if it was said from the beginning that he has a low low chance b/c he has low sperm mobility or something along those lines ok I’m more inclined to believe his ability to get ppl’s pregnant as a small miracle. But the fact that it’s reported as he shall never be able to and then does is like….huh? Did he pop a magic sperm pill to give him magic sperm?

What I did enjoy:

-Manila and Cassius have good chemistry together. Both in conversation and the bedroom department. Sometimes in eroticas/erotic romances the characters only have good bedroom convos and it can be tedious reading a story where you need to get to the next bedroom scene to enjoy it.

-The plot concept. It was an interesting one. Albeit from the title I guessed it from the get go, but I still enjoyed reading it develop.

-The scene that Manila and Cassius talk more about their lives. There should be more of that. I need more backstory to these ppl! I enjoyed the scene that we got it, but everything else was just in the moment. Which isn’t a bad thing, I just like being more attached to my characters through learning backstories.

I’d say this is a so so book for me. I enjoyed the quick and easy read, but I wanted a little bit more from the characters and story. I’m definitely not opposed to reading future works by this author. She writes well and as I said the characters do have good chemistry. Maybe I’d like a longer novel from her 🙂 If quick and easy reads are your thang you’ll definitely enjoy. If you’re looking for more in depth storylines I’d suggest finding another one of her works to read!