Hey Guys! I’m reviewing the second part of The Basilisk’s Creed by Eme Stife!
This is the second book in the series. I’d give this an 8/10 on my grading scale.

I really enjoyed how the book went into more detail about what reapers are. I learned more about the hierarchy and that they actually are a part of our world. Meaning that Eli is not crazy!

We learn a little bit more about Eli. She works at a club I think as a custodian is what I got from this section. It’s high end and she feels out of place. But the majority of the book is from Matthiel’s perspective.

Basically the world is going to shit because someone gave powers to non reapers and lower class reapers. So the pace is kicked into high gear in this section!

What I thought was interesting:
-Learning more about the reapers and Matthiel
-The fact that there are apparently many universes that the reapers can travel to at whim
-The plot of the world ending

What I thought was slightly odd:
-Eli is a custodian I’m pretty sure, unless I read it wrong, and she feels the need to look nice at her job…but if she’s a custodian no one really pays attention to janitors. So there’s no need for her to look all fancy.
-We jump from learning the world is possibly ending to the Atlantic Ocean disappearing…like how??? Are the fish gone? Or are they just in the void that used to have water gasping for breath now.
-There’s no indication of who or what is responsible for it. I know that we shouldn’t know at the beginning, but they should have some sort of evidence or leads to go off on. Not just: hey let’s form an army and go storm around until we kill the responsible party..haha

Some speculations I have for the next part. Eli is saved by Matthiel, because reapers will think for some reason she’s responsible for this rift. Eli is either some sort of reaper or accidentally got reaper dust sprinkled on her. (not sure what makes a reaper a reaper haha)

I really liked how the action kicked into high gear in this section and now there’s more than just an odd dream experience keeping me hooked into reading the rest of this series. I definitely recommend continuing if you’re at all intrigued to find out what happens with Eli, Matthiel, and the end of the world!