Hey Guys! It’s my review of the next installment of Doctor Patient Confidentiality by Eme Strife! I’d give this book an 8/10 on my grading scale.

This second part in the series was much better than the last! I’m glad that I have kept with the series! The pacing was good. It wasn’t slow and it wasn’t fast, just right haha. Roni’s character is much more pleasant with her self deprecating humor not bordering on kind of depressing. We didn’t get to see a lot from the rest of the characters this time around, but I found it nice to get more background on Roni.

Here’s what I thought was a little off:
-How come Roni has no insurance money from her parents? I suppose she might not from her mom if her dad used it all. And then I guess the only way I see not getting any from her dad is if he committed suicide.
-Also how come Roni’s grandma doesn’t help her out with money? I mean her grandpa was at least slightly wealthy…so there should be money that could go to her since her grandfather loved her and her grandmother loves her.
-What is a mary maladonies? was it supposed to be mary magdalene?
-Why is Roni running out of texts? Even the simplest and cheapest of phone plans have unlimited texts and calls now.

What I loved:
-Learning more about Roni’s past. Learning that her mother died of cancer like we suspected last book, and that her maternal grandfather died of cancer as well, plus her paternal grandfather is just crazy. If Roni doesn’t have cancer then she’s really lucky!
-There’s still a mystery around her dad.
-We learn her dad had previous relations with a woman and a kid, they are the “original” Gallos and hate Roni’s mom, now transferred to Roni after her death. What jerk faces!
-Roni’s inner ramblings are interesting. Her thoughts about the doctor and her best friend kept the story pace steady.
-We leave off on a cliff hanger! Ding dong, the door bell rings. Who is it? I don’t know and you don’t know, so we’ll just have to read more to find out!

This second installment is a great improvement from the last. I’m super excited to read more about Roni and her mysterious illness that I’m betting is cancer. Don’t take me up on my bet, I’m poor, maybe as poor as Roni. Also that call girl storyline? OMG. Need to know more about it now! I’m betting that’s how she gets hot doctor to bed her 🙂 *Note not a spoiler since I’m speculating* Don’t take any of my speculations as facts! Just my musings as I’ve read the story. Anyways I’m ready to pick up the next part to see who the mysterious caller at the door is. I hope you’re ready too!