Hey Guys! I’m here with Jamie Quinn Mystery Collection 1-3 by Barbara Venkataraman.

The first two books I would dub a 3 out of 5 and the last I would give it a 4. Overall I think this 3 book collection gets a 7/10 on my grading scale.

What I enjoyed about the stories:
-Jamie Quinn is not your typical detective. She’s a family lawyer who is dragged into figuring out mysteries through her family and friends.
-Jamie is a likable character, as are generally most of the main characters in the novel. An example being Aunt Peg in the first book.
-It’s a new take on the detective series that I really haven’t seen before.
-Interesting premises for each case.

What I thought was a bit off:
-Due to the books being a little short, especially the first, there is not a lot of room for the plot to develop.
-Duke honestly came across as a middle aged, potbelly, balding man in the first book. I’m unsure if we ever got a description of him until the second. But come to find out he’s actually good looking I was super confused. I thought the humor was he got ladies despite his bad looks and bad humor. I guess it’s more like despite his bad humor.
-Jamie doesn’t seem to do much detective work, nor does Duke. (I’d say Duke pretty much does diddly squat except drink beer). I know in cozy mysteries it’s more common for characters to kind of stumble upon solutions, but still I’d like to see more behind the process. I know in the first book it was necessary to get Duke b/c he’s a sleazy PI. But Jamie is literally the one who does all the work…so maybe introduce him differently?
-The fact that the police just go with whoever is most convenient as the culprit and literally never chase down any other leads…like…no? I get if all the evidence literally led to that one person. But in the first book five mins in and Jamie already has enough to potentially discredit the whole case.

Overall I enjoyed this series and like how the author writes. I think as time progresses with the novels they will get better and better 🙂 So I look forward to reading more of Jamie Quinn.

I was given this box set, and have decided to honestly review it!