Hey guys! Today I have the review of Saviour by Andie M Long!

This is a very dark book. So if you’re not into reading themes that pertain to sexual abuse and abductions I recommend leaving off here. However I can assure you there is a HEA (Happily Ever After) for the main character.

Eden seems to be unsure of herself and using sex as a distraction in her life. That’s when her friend Kara suggests she go take a job as a personal assistant for a married couple, who are possibly looking for some sex on the side. This kind of arrangement can make readers feel uncomfortable, but I was feeling it until I got the hint that maybe Jack and Sienna weren’t all they were cracked up to be.

Jack would burst out in anger a lot and then send Sienna to smooth things over. Eden is supposed to be able to leave when she wants, but when she wants to hang out with a friend they make her stay inside the house and cook dinner for a business partner…Then there’s also the cucumber…and other vegetables…Jack wants to fuck Eden with them. To me that seems wayyyyy too kinky. Then she tries to quit, they’re like ok but lets go on vacation first. If I were her I wouldn’t go and I definitely wouldn’t have handed my passport over to them, but I guess she trusted them???

Anyways there’s an abduction. Lots of sexual abuse/rape. But at this point in the story we get to read from Both Xavier’s and Kara’s point of view. Everything is written in first person, but I enjoyed the swapping of points of view. So while there was a lot of violence in Eden’s tale we get to see some moving moments and get a reprieve in Xavier’s and Kara’s point of view.

Kara is definitely a smart cookie. Once she hasn’t heard from Eden in about 10 days she goes to the cops and says her friend is missing. Of course nothing comes of that, because there’s no evidence really. Although a lot of suspicious things. Low and behold Jack & Sienna aren’t who they say they are. I kinda had that suspicion so it was good to see that I was unraveling the mystery along with the story.

Eden ends up being saved. She goes to a therapist. A lot of work is done on getting her back to her pre PTSD state. Xavier and Eden move forward with a relationship. Eden visits her foster brother who is in jail. His ex apparently set Eden up w/ the crazy ppl. Then there’s a lot of work towards a happy ending. If you want to know if it’s worth reading all the darkness I’ll write it down at the end with a big :SPOILERS so you can’t accidentally read it!

What I thought was odd about the book:
-Eden quitting her job before she even had the first one lined up. I guess it could make Eden even more desperate to get the Loxley’s to take her on, but I feel like it would almost be better for her to have the job interview and then quit her job as a waitress.
-If Eden is not a fan of cheating, why does she purposefully practically grind on guys with girlfriends in the club? There’s a case to be made that perhaps Eden is a sort of sex addict since she goes home with different men a lot and is referenced by her best friend as someone who has a lot of “me” time. But still, I found it kinda mean spirited that she would do that if she didn’t like it when her ex would screw around.
-Eden not leaving sooner. I don’t think Eden was ever that into the Loxley’s or Jack’s weird fetish with cucumber sex. If I was her I’d have left immediately. Fuck the one month notice. Let their fake identity butts try to sue me.
-In all her therapy it was never once touched upon that Eden was potentially a sex addict. I suppose working on PTSD was the most important, but I think since it was her love of sex that kind of got her in the situation she might have brought that up sometime during her very long therapy sessions. (Also not to nitpick but therapy is once a week until the therapist decides they don’t need therapy anymore, and there’s certainly no once a month therapy. You can always go back if you feel like a nervous wreck, but yeah. People don’t only go to therapy once a month when they start to do better then progress to once every 3 months….)
-The ending is perhaps too HEA. (touch on that later as there is too much spoilerage with that one).
-It’s brought up that Eden wants to be independent and that she doesn’t want to live with Xavier at first, but like could we have brought up the fact that he’s a man and while her bf she might feel threatened living in an apartment alone with a man that she won’t pay rent on or anything. Who’s to say he might not become another Jack? And since Jack did most of the aggressing you would think Eden would be more afraid to be around him, but she’s not.
-When Xavier would mention how people reacted poorly to how his chest looked I thought he was like mutilated there. But nope it’s just a lot of tattoos. Maybe that should be explained earlier.

What was awesome:
-First person narrative spread throughout the main characters. I loved getting their points of view. It really added a depth to this story.
-The story itself. It’s dark and not something I’d recommend to just anyone but I could not put it down, except for when I had to work.
-Eden as a character seems pretty kick butt not needing another person, and I’m glad that she is able to find herself somewhat during the story and continue growing.
-Kara. She’s loyal and doesn’t let the police give up on her friend. She could have just decided Eden went on holiday and just went back to her job, but she knew something felt wrong and she stuck by that feeling.


Now to the HEA that seemed too perfect. As you could have guessed Eden and Xavier plan to get married. Eden is working on a relationship with her foster brother now that he’s out of jail. But he sent someone to kill Jack inside jail….Then Eden calls the creepy guy Malcolm from earlier in the story and sees if he can work over Bridget. From everything I’ve read about Eden’s character this seems to be wayyyyy too harsh of a reaction. I understand not feeling particularly sad that Jack is dead, maybe even grateful. But sending some goon to go harm Bridget seems to go from 0 to 100 real quick. He also kills Sienna. So…..yeah…I’m also kind of sad Kara didn’t really get a happy ending with the detective, although it’s implied it might still happen. Who knows. This story was about Eden, so I guess it makes sense that we don’t get to see that and maybe there will be a Kara story that we can see her fall in love with the detective ๐Ÿ™‚
**************Spoiler part over********

While definitely not a read for everyone due to your own personal tastes I found that I enjoyed the storyline a lot. I think I would describe this book as a thriller first, and erotica second just because of how the story line plays out. But I thought it was great, and I was constantly wanting to know how Eden was going to get out of that mess, or if she was even going to make it out alive. I also do appreciate the HEA at the end that gives closure to the majority of our characters ๐Ÿ™‚ I think I’ll be picking up another book by Andie Long sometime in the nearish future.