Hey Guys!! Today I’m bringing you Dirty CEO by Vivian Connelly!

I’m voluntarily leaving an honest review for the arc I received. Please note there will be slight spoilerage, but not giving away the ending 🙂

This book was interesting and it had a lot of hot sex scenes. I’d say overall it’s a 6/10 for me. It would be less if the sex scenes weren’t spicy. Pretty much everything to deal with sex was well written and there was a lot of fun to be had while reading the book, but it lacked in other areas.

Some things that just made me feel awkward/off about the book:
-The Club performances at the Green Room seemed pretty cheesy and not like BDSM at all. Maybe like a bad porno version of BDSM.
-Jennifer not knowing what a dominatrix was made me think: how old is she? and has she ever heard of sex before? Bc I, someone who knows extremely little about BDSM culture knows what a dominatrix is…. Maybe she should watch some reruns of CSI NY or Law & Order haha
-Gladys should know that Jennifer is a spy for another company, otherwise she will completely blow Jennifer’s cover which she almost did. If the higher ups know and some other coworkers know, then the personal assistant of Kathryn should know. Or at the very least she should be told that Jennifer was fired and she would be avoiding meeting her in the club…I mean Jennifer hasn’t worked there in weeks, wouldn’t that be suspicious????
-Ethan says Jennifer is a natural blonde b/c the hair down there is blonde. LOL. I am a natural blonde and can say with 100% certainty that my hair is black. It was a weird thought and it just made me go: is this how guys ascertain if someone is a natural hair color or not? Bc so many natural blondes have other colors on their arm, leg, and down there hairs.
-Jennifer’s naivete working in the corporate world. We’re supposed to believe she’s early thirties, but she seems to not be so smart when it comes to her job. She just takes Kathryn’s word as is. She never questions her role in things. She says she’s gonna tell on Kathryn, but that’s not even how things work…
-For me Kathryn screwing over Jennifer and Ethan knowing that Jennifer would steal from him but replace it with something not useful was predictable. But that’s probably just because I read a lot of mystery books.
-The rushed love between them. I don’t think you need to say I love you to have sex. I’d actually be fine if they just said they were in like with each other. They’ve known each other for a month? maybe two? That’s pretty short to be in love, especially since you’ve been on a date “twice.”

I do like the main characters together. I do believe their story was a tad rushed. The premise of corporate espionage is intriguing and you will enjoy it. Especially the hot sex scenes. I think Ethan is a complex character. While we get to see inside Jennifer’s head it seems to be more air than actual thinking. She is sassy, but is a bit rash when deciding things and ultimately I don’t think I’m a fan of Jennifer. The epilogue was a nice touch to see how everybody turns out. I won’t be telling you what happens. If you’d like to know I suggest reading 🙂 Even if you’re like me and think the story was a bit rushed the overall quality of sex scenes and Ethan’s musings are well worth the price ❤