This is the full review of Doctor-Patient Confidentiality by Eme Strife. I was able to purchase for free in return for honest review of the work!

On my grading scale out of 10 stars I’d give this book about a 4. So not really middle, more of an eh I need to read more in the series. The book is alright. There were a few issues I had with this prequel, which is why I gave it this rating. I don’t believe this book has any real spoilers for the series, but in case you don’t want to read anything “spoilery” I’ll just say right now that while the characters are developed, they seem to be much younger than their age is told in the book, and the pacing is very very slow. Those are the two main things that really got me when I was reading this.

First issue: the main character is 24 but acts like a 16-17 year old. We are told in the story that Ramona aka Roni is 24 years old and a senior in college, slightly older than the average senior in college. Her friends are seniors in college and told to be younger than her, so I’m guessing they are 22 years old. Roni does not act like a college senior. I am currently 1 year younger than her, and I act wayyyyy more mature than how the character is written. She comes across as someone who is extremely bitter about highschool. I didn’t have the best experience with highschool either, but when you get to college that shit is wiped clean. You do not care that you were never asked over to sleepovers while the rest of your girl’s class had them on a regular basis. You forget that you were a loser, because there are so many people in college who are just like you it’s impossible, unless you have social issues, to not make friends. The way Roni describes the girls in her choir/acapella group is strange. They are described as the Queen Bees of high school, but again this is a college erotica? (more on this later, but I wasn’t really feeling the erotica part of this novel, except for the very beginning). Anyways these girls cannot be that petty. Yes there are bitches in college. I’ve met a couple of them, but the thing that’s different in college than highschool is that these mean girl types actually say what they hate about you to your face. There’s no snickering behind your back, making up rumors. They are open and upfront about the beef between you, and generally are willing to make peace if you are a part of a team with them for the sake of the team. They are not so rude that they would let you fall ill and leave you to die. There was a girl I didn’t get along with spectacularly that left candy outside my door when I was sick with the flu during rehearsal season. While they may not love you, they will care for you as a part of their team. Also a strange reference to Duck Dynasty was made in relation to the mean girls. I don’t know exactly what it meant, but as someone who kinda likes the show I was wondering if I was supposed to be offended by this comment Roni makes in her head.

Now while Roni and her descriptions of her world sound utterly YA and not new age, her friend Trixie seems to be more mature go figure. The other friend that was a dude, I don’t really know what he’s like. He literally says: my girlfriend is cheating on me and then walks out the door of the cafeteria lol. What’s with the non sequitur to the previous conversation that Roni and Trixie were having??

Back to the story. Roni is broke. She lives on her own for who knows why. Her grandmother lives 3 hours away. Her grandpa died recently, and by the lack of parental references or really the intentional way that Roni refuses to think about them in her thoughts leads one to believe that they are either on horrible terms or they are dead. My question is though, how does Roni make enough money to pay for college? I get that she can potentially make money for rent and utilities, and car insurance, since her car is so old I assume there’s no payment on that thing. But how in the world is she paying for college? I had loans, my money, my parent’s money, and my grandparent’s money pay for my college and I didn’t even go anywhere terribly expensive! Now you might say: why are you asking these questions, it’s just an erotica, there doesn’t need to be a storyline. But oh there does. There is no sex in this novel! Only within the first I think 2 pages? And it’s not even extremely graphic. Like it’s definitely a jump into the novel, and makes you want to read more. To see how they first met and how they started their romance. However if you think you’re going to get any more sex in the prequel then right at the beginning you are wrong. Hence why I’m asking these questions. If there’s no sex I’m focused on the story laser focused. And the story just isn’t there.

Roni goes to rehearsal and reflects upon the time that someone broke into her locker and stole her things. Again, another highschool prank. College pranks are more like making you take shots and then streaking across the sunken gardens. Or making it so that you pass out from the amount of alcohol and taking pics of you in sombreros. Two things I found interesting about her locker. Seriously who still has a recorder in college? Those dinky things we received in first grade, like how do you still own one? And why? Do you have a recorder band? Actually that would be something interesting to listen to. And then she says that when she found her locker broken into that there was broken glass. Why?? To make it so that she cut her hand on the glass? This seems really cutthroat. Which I suppose if this is a school that leads to broadway or whatever is the next big step for choir singers in terms of professional careers I’d go: ok, I see this as a possibility. But there was no such premise in the book, so I’m not sure I can assume so on my own. Roni and choir start singing, Roni has terrible stomach aches that make her have a horrible practice session. The director just yells at her, instead of asking what’s up. Because Roni has been a model student, so I dunno but if I was the director and my model student one day was not acting business as usual I’d ask if there was something wrong instead of yelling at her.

Roni goes to the clinic at school, because it’s free. I totally get that as I’m a broke student too. She waits for 2.5 hours. That is not typical. The most you wait even without an appointment is 30-1hour. I’ve usually waited between 15-30 mins for an appointment when I said I didn’t have one and felt I had an emergency that was urgent but not ER urgent. Doctor tells her: “hey there’s something wrong. We can’t check you out.” Also wrong. The health center can do a lot. There are so many screenings they can do with blood and urine samples. They have for real gynos there. The book health center doesn’t seem to be up to speed, but I guess if they were Roni wouldn’t have met her mystery man. Convenient to the plot the doctor gets her an appointment the same day with her brother who works at the hospital down the road and the consultation fee is all taken care of. No doctor would do this ever. Unless they had a bleeding heart.

Roni heads with her friend to cafeteria, which I didn’t read as such when they were describing it until Roni literally said: I got my food and paid for it in the cafeteria. I thought they had gone to some restaurant. I also would like to know why they had to pay for food at school. Students usually get meal cards…and it’s everything you can eat. Unless you don’t have a meal card. In which case it’s $14 to eat at a school cafeteria, and it’s still all you can eat. Yet Roni just gets a bagel…And has some encounter with a guy in line. Is he our mystery guy? Nope, because he’s probably not married like the mystery guy in the beginning. But one could hope that Roni would have a relationship with the star football player, right? haha. Her guy friend blurts the awkward mood killer and leaves. Girl friend just stares and shuts down. Nobody talks about their feelings.

Then we move to the hospital! Roni fills out her paperwork, finally telling us her parents are dead. Then a guy calls for her. His name is Dexter! I forgot the last name (my bad). He’s apparently some schmancy doctor in the cancer field and Roni has instalust for him. So much so that she starts getting too wet down there. Which I find odd. As someone who has felt the feels, that part does not happen upon looking at a hot guy. Usually you need to be close and cuddly with them first, but I’ll let it slide since it brought us to the more erotica side. So Roni has cancer? Idk, we’ll just have to find out in the next one, because that’s all folks! Seriously. Yeah. I thought there would be more.

I understand it was a prequel and a novella. But I’ve read those before. And I’ve never been rushing to get to the end like I was with this one. I kept trying to read more in hopes that we would get a glimpse of the sex that ensued in the first bit, but alas nope.

What I enjoyed about the book. I liked getting to know the characters. I liked understanding the story and premise of this book. I hope to get more of a background story of their love affair in the next book. I think I liked Trixie, hard to tell as Roni was the one doing all the talking pretty much. I’m intrigued to know what happens with guy friend and his cheating gal.

What I was not a fan of. Roni acting much younger than she is. Roni narrating super average day stuff. Some is ok, but the whole book to be about a daily routine with the exception of possible cancer, ehhhhh. The fact that college life is portrayed more like highschool and super petty. The fact that this is erotica, yet there is only one erotic scene. And definitely not enough to feel the feels. Some formatting errors in which the paragraphs were not always together. An example of
this is.

Overall I enjoyed reading the book, and would like to read more. However if you’re looking for straight up erotica, perhaps skip this one and move to the second? Or since this is free, get it now and you won’t feel like you paid for porn but got youtube shit. 🙂 I think if the characters are fleshed out more and the romance gets more steamy, and Roni stops with the pity me it can really be something. I do believe in this author to have done better in subsequent books, so I will be continuing on my journey. Mostly because I’m a curious little fuck and I need to know how it ends. Even if it’s like How I Met Your Mother (I will never watch that show again. 8 seasons of mother teaser, to end up with her dead. Fuck you writers, fuck you). Anyways, I don’t know if I can recommend the other books, but I imagine they are longer and full of more romance so I think it’s safe to tell you to continue with the series. I’ll update once I read more if I find that’s not the case. Happy reading erotica fans 🙂 ❤

Oh P.S. I forgot to mention something else I found odd. The name of the bar is the Wooden Mushroom. Roni says that it’s sexual. I say it’s not. What do you think? I have a fairly dirty mind, and I can see how it might be dirty, but it really ain’t. Now if it was called something like the Chubby Mushroom I’d say damn bar owner, get your mind off your mushroom!