Hey guys! Today I’m bringing you the unboxing of Literary Vacation Club’s January box. Go Indie Now has recently changed their name to this and has taken their boxes off of CrateJoy. If you want to keep up to date with them please subscribe here https://www.literaryvacationclub.com/

This month’s theme is Edge of 17. PantherHeart is already relaxed haha.

Item #1: To Hear: The playlist for What Comes of Eating Donuts with a Boy Who Plays Guitar. I get to listen to it free on spotify anytime 🙂 Super exciting!!

Item #2: To See- Fanart Print. This was created by Nicole Campbell’s sister the author of the main book in this box. The main characters are embracing in what seems to be a fiery warm passion 🙂 It’s really beautiful!

Item #3: To Touch- Kawaii Sticky Tabs. They are great at marking pages when you are reading without dog earing them, a horrid thing to do to a book. I cry each time I find a book this way.

Item #4: To Touch- Exclusive Pencil. Has the name of the book stamped in it. The writing is in gold 🙂

Item #5: To Touch- Reading Planner Kit. This notebook is pared with the sticky tabs and pencils to help document my reading. I have one from UpperCase already, but I’m always glad to have another notebook!!

Item #: To Smell- Scented Donut Eraser. It literally smells like a donut. I kid you not. I’m both disturbed and impressed at the same time.

Item #6: To Taste- Glazed Donuts from Hostess. Not picture because I ate them haha. These are yummy 🙂 They got a little smushed, but it was the taste that counted lol.

Items #7-8: Main Destination- What Comes of Eating Donuts with a Boy Who Plays Guitar by Nicole Campbell. And author signature on the library book plate. Courtney is a straight A student, captain of the cheer squad, and a nervous wreck. She is spending summer break with her best friend Vanessa in their hometown Gem City, Ohio. Courtney hopes to relax and get some of Vanessa’s carefree attitude. Ethan Fisher is trouble. For some reason he’s playing a guitar at her “Welcome Back” party. This sounds like a typical contemporary. Although the title is really intriguing. I’m unsure why Courtney is being welcomed home. Or why this random boy was asked to play the guitar at her party. As far as the back of the book is concerned I think Courtney is going off to college after her senior year, but I could be wrong? I’ll just have to read and see.

Item #9: Behind Broken Glass Walls by N.M. Aaroones. One day a mom finds out her daughter committed a shooting at school. Even though her daugther took the lives of so many, she still loves her. This is a tale of loving someone even when the whole world hates them. Intriguing, I just hope it’s done well. And respectful of victims of gun violence. 🙂

Bonus Items: 2 Bookmarks!