Hey guys! I’ve got Go Indie Now’s December box to unbox today 🙂 In the new year they are changing their name to Literary Vacation Club! The theme this month was Fallen Angels.

Item #1: To Smell- Time Machine Scent Pack by Adventurescents. I love their scents so much 🙂 They last forever!!

Item #2: To Taste- Rainbow Star Lollipop. I’m not a fan of these types, but I’ll give it to my friend for him to enjoy. Also a candycane!

Item #3: To Touch- Galaxy Necklace by Over the Rainbow. This has a moon crescent shaped in silver and then a cool looking galaxy circle. So amazing!!

Item #4: To Hear. Before A Million Universes playlist. Playlist created exclusively for the book in this box!

Item #5: To See: Walt Whitman quote button. Love this poet! Thank you so much 🙂

Item #6: Before A Million Universes by T.W.R. Shelton. Angels are falling back to earth in this dystopian. 17 year old Maxwell Odyssey (epic last name) is forced to save the world. It has the shortest description I’ve ever seen on the back of the book. Guess I’ll just have to find out how awesome it is.

Item #7: Trusting the Currents by Lynnda Pollio. I started reading the first couple of pages. While this book is raved, I’m unsure of how I will enjoy it. I’m going to finish reading before passing complete judgment, but it seems as if to be poorly conceptualized. The author is a white woman from New York. The narrator is herself, who apparently meets the ghost of a young black girl who died in the North Carolina church bombings that happened recently. And apparently tells her story to the white woman, who goes gallivanting off into the south. Doesn’t seem like it’s in good taste to exploit a story so tragic as this. Also what exactly does a white middle aged woman know of this young black girl’s story? You can make the case that this is fiction, but she’s basically using the real name of her. And also the way she’s described is a bit stereotypical. As I said, this is my first impression. It may not be the case for the book, but for the time being I’m cautiously moving forward.

Item #8: Angel ornament. I finally had an angel to put on top of my tree :))

Item #9: Also received a handmade phone case as a bonus black friday item!!!