My OwlCrate January box is here and it brought with it the theme of Classic Remix. When this box was first revealed I thought classic would mean authors like Jules Verne, Jane Austin, Bronte sisters, or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Did not see the Phantom of the Opera coming. But I guess that’s alright. Also upon reading the sheet, I’m not sure how any of the items were inspired by classic novels. To be honest I wasn’t super excited by this box, but I do enjoy the calendar, tea, magnet, and book. I just wish the items were more relatable to which book they came from.

Item #1: Mint Tea by First Edition Tea Co. Apparently inspired by The Little Prince.

Item #2: Soap by TeaSoapBooks. Shaped like a book. Exclusive scent inspired by The Secret Garden. It does not say what scent it is on packaging.

Item #3: Slaughterhouse Five bookmark made by Lexy Olivia. You should check out her bookstagram account! She’s pretty awesome 🙂

Item #4: Phantom of the Opera fridge magnet designed by Sweet Sequels.

Item #5: Calendar by Obvious State. Each month has a print inspired by children’s classic stories.

Items #6-8: RoseBlood by A.G. Howard. Signed bookplate and author letter. A modern day retelling of The Phantom of the Opera. Seventeen year old Rune is sent to a French arts school that is rumored to be the same opera house the original Phantom once haunted. Rune befriends an elusive violinist named Thorn, while trying to keep at bay the creeping suspicion that someone is following her. Thorn has his own dark secrets and will have to choose where his loyalties lie. He will have to choose between his father to protect Rune. I only vaguely know the original story, and I believe that this has enough twist in it to not be the same. If I remember correctly the Phantom and the girl were never going to be a thing, because he lived in the attic and basically stole her from her fiance. So it was a kinda creepy thing, and not romantic. I’m hoping there’s less creepy stalking and more romance in this one. Mostly because I don’t have the strongest heart when it comes to scary things haha.