mythrillclubjan2.jpgHey Guys! I have a new book box here today. It just started this month. Called My Thrill Club! I personally chose Horror, but they have available: Crime & Mystery, Thriller & Espionage, and a Surprise Me box! These boxes come with 2 books and a DVD from the genre you pick. And it’s actually pretty cheap!

Item #1: The Lesser Dead by Christopher Buehlman. This takes place in New York in 1978. Joey Peacock is a vampire who has spent the last 40 years as a 16 year old. He lives in the subways of Manhattan and feasts on the humans above ground. One night he sees children with merry eyes hunting in his subway. He feels unsafe now. So a horror book where the vampires might be the prey. An interesting take on horror.

Item #2: Red Rain by R.L. Stine. This is an adult novel by him unlike his Goosebumps novels. Two orphans are adopted by travel writer Lea and her child psychologist husband Mark. In a few weeks times the twins cause Mark to be implicated in two homicides. I’m not sure how this will happen. It sounds kind of like Goosebumps, but maybe for adults. I’ll let you know once I read!

Item #3: Night Feeders. In the wilderness a meteor crashes to Earth & unleashes an infestation of alien creatures. They hunt all the humans in the area as soon as night falls. Four friends try to get out alive! I’ve watched the movie. It’s alright. Not scary. Kind of cheesy, but a fun watch.